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last step - offer in compromise

There’s a right way to do this stuff.

From the first call they were up front about my chances of tax debt forgiveness. After working with Maui Tax Counseling we did file an OIC. The IRS accepted it and I did receive debt discharge for around 75% of what I owed.
— Jack Cansoni, customer (Whittier, CA)


That quote up there from Jack (like all the other kind words from our customers featured on our site) is authentic. It is the sole mention of successful debt compromise that we feature on our website. To be crystal clear: We’re not promising, implying, or even hinting that we can help you offload thirty thousand bucks in tax debt like we did for Jack. But if the information we gather about your case in step 4 indicates you are a candidate for tax relief in the form of partial or complete primary tax debt forgiveness, we will prepare an file an Offer in Compromise.

A firm, flat fee quotation will be provided for your OIC. This fee will include complete preparation and filing of Form 656-B and a rough estimate of the amount of tax forgiveness we expect to apply for. We do not issue guarantees but will explain to you in detail why we believe the OIC will be successful.

COST: $3,000-$6,000 | DIY | (DIY not typically recommended)

PROCESSING TIME: Generally the process of preparing and filing the Offer In Compromise package is less than a month. IRS processing times can be as long as 9 months, but are typically less than 180 days. You issue a power of attorney and we manage the entire process. This fee includes preparation, filing, tracking, and closure.

We don’t file a lot of Offers in Compromise. When we do, they are normally accepted. Tax counseling is about more than OICs. It’s about solving your problem. If you qualify for tax debt forgiveness, we’ll get it for you. If you don’t, we’ll find the next best solution available to you.
— Mark W. Lee, CPA