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Mark W. Lee, CPA

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Mark W. Lee CPA - Tax help you can trust

Mark W. Lee CPA - Tax help you can trust

Mark Lee is from Texas. He has been a CPA since 1991. Mark spent three years with the Houston office of Deloitte, an international accounting and taxation firm. Between 1994 and 2005, Mark maintained a consulting practice serving primarily public companies and governments, advising on technical and taxation accounting, litigation forensics, fraud investigations, and regulatory & enforcement matters.

He has extensive experience in federal and state regulatory compliance and enforcement. Mark has provided effective solutions for clients with matters in front of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and various departments of the US Treasury Dept. (including the IRS), as well as state public utility commissions and insurance regulators.

He was a founding partner of Sirius Solutions in 2005 in Houston. Sirius provided Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) implementation, compliance, and monitoring solutions for over 25 Fortune 500 companies and employed over 300 consultants. Mark and his partners developed a highly successful compliance framework for this complex and sweeping federal legislation. He served as the firm’s CFO and a member of its management committee.

Mark returned to private consulting practice in 2013. He spent two years in the Middle East assisting with a series of securities offerings for a private equity client. Mark moved to Hawaii and founded Maui Tax Counseling in 2017. He concentrates on serving clients who are in active collection status, undergoing audits, and dealing with other IRS and State Tax issues. With almost 30 years experience dealing with regulatory and enforcement agencies of the federal government (not limited to the IRS) Mark brings a unique and very effective skill set to the job.

Maui Tax Counseling provides effective, rational, affordable solutions for taxpayers facing severe IRS and state tax problems. We serve clients in all 50 states. Maui Tax Counseling is not a tax debt relief company. In cases where IRS Fresh Start Initiative programs are available to our clients, we fully explore options which might allow them to compromise IRS debt. More commonly we assist clients with a full range of options for dealing realistically with serious IRS problems. Maui Tax Counseling and Mark W. Lee, CPA provide a level of service and client advocacy unavailable anywhere else.