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Five Step Process

There’s a right way to do this stuff.

I appreciated the fact that the CPA counseling me was available and responsive through every step of the process.
— Jack Cansoni, customer (Whittier, CA)

  • Licensed CPAs

  • Fee transparency

  • Self service options

  • Comprehensive five step process


1. Consultation

We don’t offer free consultations - which are typically worth what they cost, and come with a sales pitch. If you’ll agree to pay for an initial 30 minute counseling session, we think you might want to do more business with us. If you don’t, we’ll keep the fee and you’ve gotten solid, honest advice. If you decide to move to the next step in the Tax Counseling process, we credit the initial counseling fee against future services. The risk in paying this small upfront fee is minimal. Most callers do decide to let us help them further and the call is free.

The initial tax counseling session is a half hour call or video chat with a CPA who specializes in helping tax debtors with acute difficulties. During this call you receive specific answers answers to questions you have, and much more.

The CPA you speak with understands taxation indebtedness, collections, and related IRS procedures in complete detail. He will develop a high level understanding of your individual case and evaluate your chances at IRS debt forgiveness or reduction. He will also provide advice and solutions regarding other issues you may be dealing with like liens, payroll or bank account garnishments, and other problems associated with IRS debt.

Really - we don’t do it.

Really - we don’t do it.

we mean it! no sales pitch.

Near the end of your consultation, we recommend the best way to move forward. There is zero pressure for you to continue the process. In fact almost half our calls end with us recommending callers pursue the matter on their own. And we provide some valuable tips and information for doing just that. If we do recommend our services we provide honest estimates of the likely costs involved in clearing up your tax problems.

Our services are reasonably priced and transparent. And no Maui Tax Counseling client ever gets a bill she’s not expecting. Maui Tax Counseling takes the huckster nonsense out of tax debt remediation services. Real solutions, not fairy tales designed to relieve you of thousands of dollars.

COST: $150

PROCESSING TIME: 1-3 days, schedule online

Everybody wants tax debt relief. Not everybody qualifies.
Try Tax Counseling. Not Tax Relief.
— Mark W. Lee, CPA